My Mama’s Still My Biggest Fan …

Have you ever avoided reaching out to someone just because you should have contacted them sooner? Because you feel the need to make your outreach extra special in order to make up for the time you didn’t spend on them earlier?
You guessed it, that would be part of why it has been so long since I said, “Hello.”
But thanks to Mother’s Day, I have an extra special way to reconnect again – share a wonderful Mother’s Day playlist that shows gratitude for all sorts of Moms.
Whether you are a mother, want to be one, or are married to one; whether you are grateful for your mother, you were raised (or mentored) by someone other than your mother, you miss your mother, or you never met her – even if you would actually rather not think about mother’s day – there’s a song on this list for you.
Because I understand that Mother’s Day can be a sensitive time for many, many people – and because most of these songs are not well-known – I won’t ask you to discover these songs without warning you what they’re about the way I usually do.  Instead, I’ll include a little blurb about who each song was written to honor so you can choose which ones you’d like to for yourself. I’d love to know which you like best – or just hear what you think in general.
Without any further ado, and in no particular order, my Mother’s Day Playlist:
A Song for Mama – Boyz 2 Men
       One of the members of this 90’s Boy Band wrote this one for his mother.
The Perfect Fan – Backstreet Boys
       Same story, different song 😉
26 Cents – The Wilkinsons
       A woman cherishes the memory of the advice her mother gave her when she left home for the first time.
Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins
       A fun and somewhat random insertion: “My Mama said, you can’t hurry love…”
You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins
       Special song from Disney’s Tarzan that speaks to the heart of a child who’s had to let go of a child.
She Didn’t Have Time – Terri Clark
       An epic song, in my opinion, honoring the unmatched sacrifice of divorced and single mothers.
Nora – Blessid Union of Souls (cover by Tim Samuelson)
       Written to honor the song-writer’s grandmother.
Mother’s Prayer – Celine Dion
       First sung in the movie Quest for Camelot, this song is a mother’s plea that God will keep her child safe.
Mother’s Prayer – Bonnie Jay Barbey
       A mother recounts a life full of prayers for the girl who would marry her son one day.
My Wish for You – Rascall Flatts (cover by Alyssa Falcone)
       This is a beautiful song that could be from anyone to anyone, which it makes it ideal for pondering the futures of those of our priceless charges technically our children.
I Hope You Dance – Leanne Womack
       Same story, different song 🙂
Letters from War – Mark Schultz
       A mother faithfully writes her son safely home.
When You Come Home – Mark Schultz
       A touching tribute, with a funny back-story. This artist admitted in concert that this song was the first song he wrote after reading “How To Write a Country Song,” and that his real Mom is still very much alive – the book just said that someone needs to die in the song to get the right emotional effect :-p
Everything to Me – Mark Schultz
       This song-writer was adopted at birth, and wrote this song to thank his birth mother for choosing life. It’s epic (and the least-judgmental rendition of the adoption process I have seen on this topic). I especially love the signature “cloud of witnesses” that help the mother towards the end of the video.
She Put the Music in Me – Calee Reed
        Another tear-jerker, the song-writer thanks her mother for all her encouragement. While this doesn’t come into the song lyrics, she wrote it after her mother lost her battle with cancer, and the photos in the video in the video may be a trigger for some.
Fly – Celine Dion
        I have close friends and family who have lost a child to miscarriage, and this song is the only comfort I’ve found that touches that kind of hurt. It is a beautiful, even sacred, send-off.
This One’s for the Girls – Martina McBride
        The title speaks for itself.
I’m Gonna Love You Through It – Martina McBride
        Encouraging us all through the toughest trials – love conquers all!
Blessed – Martina McBride
        A song of gratitude for all of the little gifts in family life.
Mr. Mom – Lonestar
       A humorous tribute to stay-at-home Mom’s from Dad’s perspective.
From the Outside Looking In – Lonestar
Mama, Don’t Forget to Pray for Me – Diamond Rio
       A wandering son calls home to check in with his mother. A true work of art.
Who I Am – Jessica Andrews
      A manifesto set to music. I love it 🙂
Hero – Mariah Carey
       For all heroes, every day.
I made a YouTube playlist of the bolded songs from this list here. I hope you’ll share with others you think would be touched by these songs today. 🙂
And if you’re struggling to think of something to do for your Mom because it has been too long since you did anything – just reach out and say hello. Send her a picture of your smiling face, give her a call, pay her a visit if you can – send her a heartfelt prayer of gratitude if you can’t.  It matters. (Still can’t think of anything? Consider searching #TimeforMom on social media to get an idea of what others are doing for the special ladies in their lives.)
Until next time – Hugs!
Sincerely as Always,
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