Josh Blue


One of my goals for this blog is that it will provide inspiration for individuals with disabilities, and their siblings, to know that they can grow up and do great things with their lives. Stay tuned for a “character spotlight” of one of my friends from college, an Eagle Scout who graduated with a BA from college with a 3.6 GPA who is now working to help support himself, who also has cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy comes in various degrees, and individuals with it often need a wheelchair to help them get around, while others walk with only a limp. I want to learn more about it, and when I do I will post about what I learned and include sources for you too.

But for today, let’s go for something light-hearted. As I entered “cerebral palsy” into my search engine of choice, not really sure yet what exactly I was looking for, one of the suggestions that dropped down from the search bar was “cerebral palsy comedian.” Comedian? I had to see that. And I will share here what I found.

Introducing Josh Blue:

Note: This video has light swearing in it. The humor itself is appropriate, though, at least according to me.


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